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Our experts provide professional reports and opinions on all matters relating to motor vehicle incidents.

All our experts are either qualified by way of professional designations or ACTAR certification (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists), combined with specific education achievements within the forensic investigation industry. In addition, these professionals have qualified as experts on the use of various computer software products such as ARAS 360 for scene reconstruction, analysis, animation and simulation.

About this directory:
This Directory of Experts is a free online directory for locating accident reconstruction professionals and expert witnesses.
The information provided in the Directory of Experts has been provided solely by the expert listed on this site and users should always independently verify the qualifications and background of any and all experts. ARAS 360 disclaims all responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the expert listings on All visitors represent that his/her use of the Directory of Experts is for the purpose of finding an accident reconstruction expert and agrees that he/she will not use any information located on this site or on web site links contained within said site for solicitation or marketing.