Crash Simulation


Computer based crash simulation has become a standard tool in the field of crash investigation and reconstruction. Our experts apply simulation technology for many reasons, but often it is for the following purposes:

To verify results of calculations to determine impact speeds or impact positions.

To determine impact speeds or impact positions

To demonstrate why the conclusions advanced by other experts are incorrect.

Our experts use the sophisticated and validated simulation software tools that are industry accepted. These include ARAS HD ICATS simulation and others. We employ simulation technology when the case warrants it. Simulation of car crashes requires the user to input the conditions of the impact which includes impact speeds, wheel resistance, roadway surface conditions, steering angles and more. Often some of the crash data is known and other pieces are missing. In those cases, simulation is used to match the known data to reach conclusions about the missing data.

Graphical real time simulation such as ARAS HD ICATS allows instantaneous feedback of the predicted vehicle behaviour as inputs are adjusted. The power of that type of process allows us to reach a full understanding of the incident without the necessity of guessing inputs and re-analysis.