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Night Visibility Animations PersuasiveCourt Presentation

We could have called this article ARAS 360's First Court Accepted Case except the ARAS 360 animation produced for this accident was so convincing, the case was settled before it went to trial: the plaintiff side was awarded the maximum.

Reflective triangles were used in the animation even though they were not present at the scene of the accident to demonstrate that if the driver, in fact, had fallen asleep at the wheel, which was speculated, had triangles been put out, running them over would have surely woken up the van driver and may have averted the crash in the first place. The tractor trailer driver was cited for illegal and improper parking.

The animator, accident reconstructionist Chet Tomlinson out of St. Johns, FL was able to create this animation in a fraction of the time it would have taken using his previous accident reconstruction software. Chet says he actually would not have been able to effectively recreate this animation using the competitor's software because it would have simply bogged down his computer.