Brad Booth   ACTAR #1899
Phone No.: 605 721 0941
Mobile No.: 07874789234
Skype: crashteams dakota
Address: 3222   Meadowbrook Drive, Rapid City
State: South Dakota
Basic Credentials: 20 years experience all areas of crash reconstruction
Special Expertise:   Forensic mapping
Areas of Service:   Midwest of USA, including south Dakota, North Dakota
Qualification Summary:

Elected in May 2007 to the Board of Directors for the Midwet Association of Technical Accident Investigators.  Over 20 years experience investigating and reconstructing traffic crashes.  Thorough understanding of reconstructing crashes and preparing reports for the courts.  Instructs in the field of traffic crash investigation and forensic mapping.  Uses and instructs ARAS 360 software for crash and crime scene reconstructions.  Proficient in the use of various software packages including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MicroSurvey MapScenes, MicroSurvey Evidence Recorder 3.0 and 4.0, Accident Reconstruction Pro 7.0.

Other Services:
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